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iHsat - Self-Assessment tool


Target groups

The main purpose of this tool is to stimulate innovation in small and medium-sized enterprises operating in the field of green and blue tourism. However, the open nature of the tool allows it to be used in far more wide-ranging tourism companies to absorb the growth potential provided by the Circular Economy. The description of the tool, the justification and the short test of the growth characterization are freely available to unregistered users.


To evaluate the state of innovation of the circular economy and to find out the latest solutions, it is suggested to register to have the opportunity to compare the results of your company's self-assessment comparing to awerage values of self-assessment of tourism service providers in own and other regions. For this purpose, you are requested to provide a company name, address, region, user name, and company role. If you forget your password, the reminder option is created. Subscribed users connect to the portal by entering their login and password.

Reliability of the test

The reliability of the test depends on how the user understands and correctly answers the questions asked. It reflects the data that the user enters. Therefore, the consumer needs to strive to be realistic - to answer as it really is, and not as he or others may want to be. Questions, answers, results, and how they can be set up in the trial version of the tool may change, further refining the tool.

Interpreting test results

The meaning of self-assessment is to determine its place based on the circular growth and innovation scales provided by the tool. Therefore, the portal presents only the main results of self-assessment. Further, the user independently explains his ability to innovate on the portal. Other tools of innovation promotion created include: Market Overview, Learning Software and Consultancy Portal.

Portal Consumer Rights Protection

Portal developers and administrators shall ensure the protection of portal users' data, do not publish them and use them only for ensuring portal functionality. After an unauthorized intrusion into the portal's database has been detected, the administrator takes steps to remove the consequences of hacking in accordance with the law.

Portal copyright protection

The portal was created and constantly improved by the Institute of Strategic Self-Management and its innovators - prof. Stasys Paulauskas and Aleksandras Paulauskas. The tool was digitized by program architect Raimundas Paulauskas. The content of the tool is continuously discussed and refined in accordance with the project partners' suggestions.

Portal content, data processing and presentation methodologies are closed and accessible only to their developers. Portal users are provided with data for the portal - helping to develop the innovation capacity of the circular economy. Any attempt to access, copy, distribute, interfere, distort, damage or cause damage to the portal and its information system is protected under the copyright laws.

Improvement of the portal

The portal is constantly being refined and updated. Portal developers are grateful to users for their suggestions on how to shape and improve content.

Dispute Resolution

All disputes are solved by communicating with the developers and the user of the portal, and if they fail to resolve it, in accordance with the procedure established by legal acts.

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