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iGenius – vocational tool of a Genius

Human World rapidly changes. Here are more of changes than stability. The change becomes not stable, but it accelerates. The time when the main human occupations were production and service irreversible lives in the past. Humanity enters into epoch of Innovation – intellectual stage of creation and implementation of novelties.

Seeking to act successfully it’s necessary to foresee the future. Frequently future forecasting abilities are attributing to sphere of irrational range, which is available for priests, magicians, messiahs, etc.

However human history knows some cases when some persons were not only foresaw a future, but by own good deals they exceed coevals and we use their work’s fruits many centuries. Such persons ordinarily named as genius. The genius – this is a human, able to exceed a time, pre-empt and earlier than others to imagine, inventing and creating a future. He achieves this having the great coveted goal and self-improving more quickly comparing to contemporaries.

Until now we meet geniuses very rarely, because they are rarity. Sometimes we aren’t suspect that they are near or between us. However, being by their works in the future they rarely receives appreciation from contemporaries’ side, to which geniuses’ thoughts and works looks too far, incomprehensible and own genius looks as strange and alien to community. In history we know outstanding persons, which were accepted substantially after their dead, when humanity overtook, understood and appreciated good job of a genius. There are controversial histories of Galileo, Copernicus, Leonardo da Vinci, William Shakespeare, etc. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and other great contemporaries are named as genius of actual ages. However a frequent afraid even to dream to become the genius even after dead.

Until now a live attitude that geniuses are nascent. Long was usual to thought that overall nation have one or few genial scientists, poets, artists, thinkers, doctors or engineers. However nowadays on such rare in a past abilities can brag many schoolboys, scientific work become a trade, artists are teaching in art schools and engineers are preparing in universities. Similarly occurs also with geniuses. Discovered of exclusive abilities and activity of geniuses it will be possible to start teach theirs in schools and almost everybody wished can become a genius.

Geniality is determined by distinctive set of psychological characteristics, special knowledge and inherent conduct. Many years testing and investigating human social and psychological characters was defined, that the biggest impact to forming persons’ geniality have intelligence, novelty, expedience, flexibility and reality. For measurement of expression of such characters virtual test iGenius was created. After answering in randomise order chosen questions it‘s possible not only to define psychological potential of person‘s geniality, but to create its improvement technology.

Differently to frequently meeting opinion that personal psychological characters are born, was defined that all of them and even logical intelligence it’s possible to form and improve purposively. This mean, that were opened opportunities for genius trade coming and practically to each person to seek and accept abilities to foresee a future and create novelties exceeding a time. iGenius is virtual toll purposed to help to develop psychological abilities of genius. Near permanent testing the programme gives access to genius’ job tool – virtual programme of progress modelling “iVirtualika”.

iGenius – virtual self-improvement programme, purposed to unlimitedly do good jobs. Never will be too much of good deals!

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