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Portal “iGenius” rules

Portal “iGenius” committed to help in self-improvement of skills on forecasting of the Future and creation novelties. It could be useful for people of different age, gender and occupation, who seeks to improve own personality features and vocational abilities.

Each internet user can to use portal free of charge: to look with portal information, to register, to receive remind of password, to make a test, review results and general conclusion, to write letter to portal administrator and receive clarification concerning use of the portal and presenting information.


Only registered persons can use this portal. They may to write a login, name and surname, living country/town, gender and chosen password. Here is possibility of remind forgotten password. Registered users are connecting to portal by entering login and password.


The test consists of 25 questions with three answer options. Every time questions are generating in randomise order from data base.

After answering to all questions the general characteristics of consumer’s psychological potential is giving.

Use of this virtual toll at proof stage is free of charge.

Reliability of the test

Reliability of the test depends from that how consumer answers to questions sincerely and right. Why it’s worth to be realistic – to answer as it is true, and not that it would like to be. It’s necessary to understand that a wish to look better yet against you-self by choosing only positive from point of view of consumer answers is reusing reliability of the test and make worse conclusions. Such perverse picture isn’t useful. It’s very difficult to use it for improvement own personality features like by use of „ wry mirror“.

The reliability defining mechanism is implemented in the test. Due to low reliability the conclusion of the test isn’t presenting and its advice consumer to try next time seeking to answer questions sincerely and right.

Protection rights of portal consumers

Creators and administrator of the portal assures protection of consumer’s data protection, not disseminate its and use only with purpose of portal functionality. After interruption into portal definition administrator takes necessary means for liquidation of consequences of interruption according to legislatively defined order.

Protection of rights of portal authors

The purpose of portal “iGenius” is to support consumers to improve own features. Its exclusive rights belong to PI Strategic Self-Management Institute and its establisher author of the portal prof. Stasys Paulauskas and programme architect Raimundas Paulauskas.

Content and methods of data processing and conclusions is closed and they are reachable only to creators of the programme. Consumers are receiving only data for own self-improvement.

Any attempt to access, copy, disseminate, interrupt, distort, damage or made harm of portal and informational system are defending according to order of author right protection.

Improvement of the portal

The portal is permanently improving and renewing.

Portal creators appreciate consumers for proposals on improvement of the form and content of the portal.

Dispute resolution

All disputes are deciding by co-operating of portal creators and consumers. In other case – according to order defined by legislative acts.

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