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The best way to improve the World is to improve yourself!

Dear colleague!

Welcome to the Virtual Self-improvement space (VSS), which is designed to assist you on fast and easy development of your knowledge and skills by use of the most advanced e-learning technologies. VSS is designed for:

  • learning personalities - schoolchildren, students, doctoral students and lifelong learning persons and
  • their self-improvement serving institutions - schools, colleges, universities and their teachers, methodologists, mentors, etc.
In this space, any educational institution or the teacher can quickly and easy computerise any matter of training, to prepare the simulator with a virtual trainer and examiner. VSS visiting students can access learning materials, review questions with answers and to try to pass the exam. After the test, you can immediately get your knowledge assessment certificate and summary of answers for feed-back control. Each test data can be saved for monitoring of your achievements and learning progress.

Comparing to traditional Face-to-face and Blended learning systems VSS is universal virtual self-improvement system, which helps to self-improve individually avoiding teachers and learning groups. Meanwhile, you not only create the best opportunities for yourself, but also make the world better. Since the best way to improve the World is to improve yourself.

So, we invite you to cooperate in the virtual Self-improvement space!


Prof. Dr. Stasys Paulauskas