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Virtual trainer and examiner iSaviugda

1. Purpose
The education development leads qualitative new approaches to the training. Europe seeks to implement the "Lifelong learning" principle. Training is increasingly transforming into self-training, self-improvement. In the education process is in keeping with more and more computers, special training tools and programs, games and simulators. According to world-wide known developer of psychological tests for H. Aizenk - one of advantages of the computer is that it allows each student to move forward at a speed which is determined by the speed of mental processes, and personal traits, educational features, strain, etc. Require all students to go forward with the same speed as it inevitably occurs using conventional teaching methods, not the best way. It is difficult for both clever, and slowly thinking students. The practice confirmed that the highly gifted student is able, within two days (!) to learn computerized a one-year course in mathematics.

Infested world of computerized testing and simulation programs, most of which are specific to certain educational matters. The Strategic Self-management Institute (up to 2002 Sociology S. Paulauskas scientific consulting firm) has developed and constantly improves the universal computerized simulator Saviugda (Self-improvement) from 1991. The fifth trainer version gives opportunities for teachers, teachers' group, department, or any other organization to design, continuous improvement and use of simulator, which can hold unlimited number of training subjects. This program enables learners to universal access to the questions and the answers to these variations. Trying to respond to questions learner easily and quickly becoming a matter of training. To check the uptake of knowledge readily available to the proposal or the other person to maintain a computer test in a matter of training.

In this virtual Self-improvement space delivered virtual simulator and the examiner iSaviugda version. It creates even more convenience to users.

Use simulator consists of two main phases: the preparation and consumption.

2. Preparation
Simulator for use in preparing the teacher or staff-development specialist who has authorized access to the main menu position "teachers" password. Password allows the site administrator. Teacher may introduce a new teaching subject matter, adding his conspectus, divided it into chapters, topics and introduce issues.

Each subject teacher may conclude an unlimited number of issues, indicating in each of the four possible options for a response, noting that they, which compiled as the correct.  When push + sign next to each question or the answer option you can add to them an additional file, picture, illustration. This enables the formulation of not only the oral questions and answers, but also to create a problem and their solution options visual form.

Ready to use device - it is structurally organized in all the training and the subject of a draft of questions with the answers to them. Teacher can constantly improve their teaching subject.

3. Using
User of simulator is a person working with the simulator training purposes absorb the subject, or to check its uptake.

The operator is registering into trainers, entering personal data, and an optional connection password. These data are required only to the program, and for other purposes can not be used.

The user connects to the subject under the teacher training in the subject code. It can work on the trainer in three forms:

  • The review - the opportunity to review the subject, section or topic questions, and learn the correct answers to them.

  • The try - the opportunity to try to identify the correct answers to the training subject, section and topic issues.

  • The exam - the opportunity to check the degree of konowledge on subject, section and topic of training course, by answering to a selected number of random computer selection of questions.

 Learning is the possibility of summoning the learning thing conspectus.

Simulator and test mode can be set parallel to the program settings:

  • The limited number of issues - the possibility to choose the desired number of issues,

  • The limited duration of the test - the opportunity to choose the exam time, stop by the end of the program and show the evaluation.

During learning is display settings - general, selected, to reply, just answer questions, by the absorption rate, the duration of the speed. Correct answer, the correct answer number of questions displayed in blue, and wrongly - red.

Answer to a selected set of questions the program provides development of the ten-point scale of assessment and advice on how further progress. As soon as you can get and print the certificate, which identifies the necessary attributes and evaluation score. Minutes help to make, which managed to correctly answer questions, and which - not. Device comfortable and the fact that it is possible to keep statistics and self-monitoring skills development.

4. Mastering
Teaching the subject development of speed, depth and the acquisition depends on many factors:

  • Teaching the subject and composition,

  • Conspectus,

  • Questions and answers to them,

  • Learners' skills and others.

Therefore, all the simulator training and the use of stages of improving its capabilities:

  1. Teaching the nature of the subject and terminology to meet the training education, and its structure should be sufficiently clear and understandable to him.

  2. Syllabus must be sufficiently detailed to ensure that sufficient knowledge for choose the correct answers to each question topics.

  3. Educational settings to improve the image graphs, tables, classifications, highlighting, color markings diversity.

  4. Questions and answers in the options should not be long.

  5. Questions should recover full sense of the whole subject of the training content, trying to leave the one important part of the training or the claim.

  6. The more questions, the deep can be absorbed in the training thing.

  7. To each question should be selected as the answer options, the only one of them could be confirmed as the best.

  8. Option under the logical sense not to be too far removed from one another. Better when their sense is very close.

  9. Consistently considering learner to identify the most preferred option, which will improve the knowledge-based solutions.

The fragmentation of skills students will differ with each other at the time they spend to get the same degree of assessment. This enables the device to demand and achieve the full development of the subject, when only a positive assessment of the possible 10 points. This is especially important to study the special responsibility of legal and regulatory documents. So the effectiveness of simulator depends on the of teaching skills to properly prepare for work - to form conspectus and answered questions with variations on them.

It should be noted that a computer simulator at the same develop not all skills. Best enable them to absorb the training subject matter knowledge. Speaking of training and knowledge in the building needed other appropriate educational tools - seminars, colloquia, papers and practical work training and public defense.

5. Consumption
In order to better absorb the subject of training simulator for use and improvement of expertise to advise the consumer to comply with a certain consistency:

  1. Closely acquainted with the simulator use, the use and contents of the windows, and fields.

  2. Get familiar with the structure of the training subject, see the section headings and topics.

  3. Review conspectus, stopping briefly at the paintings, drawings, charts, tables and exceptional certificates to form overall picture of learning the subject.

  4. Read all the chapters and to the topic, starting by introduction and end of the additives. After reading a specific topic, read this topic issues the review mode, and critically assess the correct answer. After that, you can try to answer the questions for each topic simulator mode. If there is uncertainty, to open the conspectus and find the appropriate response. Please try again until stably receive the same high level of assessment.

  5. If you think your knowledge of strong, self-organize the exam a total of selecting teaching the subject of 20 questions. The resulting score will show the extent of your knowledge with the requirements. Repeat the test several times.

  6. If you manage to get stable high enough you satisfying assessment, and then Congratulations! You are successfully learned the theme, section or the full training things. You can travel at the teacher - examiner. If the computer has to advise to train more, repeat the steps above.

6. Copyright
The Strategic Self-management Institute is owner of simulator and examiner iSaviugda property rights. They keep the Republic of Lithuania copyright laws. Teaching subjects conspectus, questions and answers right to remain to its prepared persons or institutions.